Four Signs of Brake Trouble

Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, services, repairs, and replaces brake parts and/or entire braking systems. We know you know how important your brakes are to your safety on the road. We work hard to make certain none of our customers have brake trouble, but things can still happen despite our best efforts. You might have failing brakes if you notice any of the four following signs, and if you do, bring in your vehicle right away for a full brake inspection and service or repair if necessary.

Brakes Are Making Noises

Wet brakes might make a squeak or two when you slow down and stop your vehicle but your brakes should never squeal while you’re driving. They shouldn’t squeak or grind when you stop, either, and if they do you might have something going on with your brakes. Squealing sounds while your car, truck, or SUV is in motion suggests your brake pads are almost ready to be replaced. If you hear grinding when you stop your vehicle, the pads are past ready to be replaced.

Brakes Smell Funny

If you can smell your brakes any other time than after you just had new pads put on you have trouble brewing and that trouble can end up in total brake system failure. Brakes can overheat, especially if you ride them when you drive. If you notice a smell that reminds you of burning chemicals, your brake system is overheating. Don’t keep driving if this happens. Pull over to a safe space to allow your brakes to cool. Call for a tow truck to tow you to an auto mechanic. Overheated brakes cannot stop your car.

Car Handles Weird When You Brake

You know that your car will pull to one side if your wheel alignment is off but your car can also pull to one side if you have problems with your brake rotors or calipers. Your vehicle should brake smoothly unless you slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. If your car pulls or your notice wobbling or vibrating in the wheels, your brake pedal, or your steering wheel, you might have something going on with your brake system and it’s best to have it checked out to avoid further damage.

Brake Light Came On

Finally, your brake light will come on and stay on if there is something amiss with your brake system. Don’t tempt fate. It could be that the light came on due to an electrical short that has nothing to do with your brakes, but rather than take a chance and cause an accident, head to the nearest auto service shop to get your brakes inspected. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your brake system because if you do get into an automobile accident due to brake failure it could be deemed your fault.

Located in Johnstown, OH, Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, would be happy to look at your brakes. 


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