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During the heat of the summer, it’s important that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is operating properly so you can enjoy a more comfortable ride. Having cool air while you drive is not only much more pleasant, but it can also help to prevent driver fatigue. With a broken AC system, you’ll be sweating and unhappy, but you could also be damaging other components that could result in costly repairs later. Whether it’s a refrigerant leak or a damaged compressor, bring your vehicle to Stringer Auto Repair for auto AC repair in Johnstown, OH, so you can diagnose the issue before it becomes something more serious.

Warning Signs

There are several warning signs you should be on the lookout for if you think your air conditioning system may be in trouble. If there is hot air blowing instead of cold, or you’re noticing a lack of air force or pressure, bring your vehicle in for a diagnostics test. If the AC system is not blowing air at all, it could be a motor or fan problem. Our experienced professionals will run a thorough check of the system so we can properly diagnose the issue.

Freon leaks are a common problem with vehicle air conditioning which could be caused by a cracked O-ring seal in the AC line. It could also be caused by a worn-out filter, a loose wire, or even just too much heat radiating from your engine. No matter what the cause, we have the experience and skill to get it repaired so you can drive in comfort. Once we’ve confidently diagnosed the problem, we will inform you of the issue and your options.

Some of the problems we commonly see are cracked or worn out seals, hoses, and O-rings or issues with the blower motor and resistor. A bad switch, control, module, or relay can also cause the AC system to stop working the way it should. And there’s nothing worse than having to drive in a hot car! Let us examine the issue for you and make the repairs quickly so your passenger cabin is nice and cool again. In many cases, it may just be a matter of adding more Freon to the system for a quick refill to produce cold air.

AC Service Near Me

Don’t take a chance on being hot and miserable this summer. Bring your vehicle to Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, or give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your car’s AC repair and service today.