Benefits Of Using ASE-Certified Technicians

What’s the difference between an ASE-Certified technician and an experienced technician? Does your mechanic really need to be certified to work on my car? So, there are plenty of mechanics out there who aren’t certified but can easily handle basic vehicle maintenance and repair. However, when it comes to mechanics there are definitive benefits to using and ASE-Certified mechanic for your automotive needs.

ASE Training

Before a mechanic can ever even sign up to take the ASE certification exam, they are required to attend classes. No time to take the classes? Then they have to study until the point when they can prove that they are competent enough to take the exam. ASE tests are known for their level of difficulty because they want to ensure that any mechanic that possesses the certification is up to their elite standards. The idea behind the ASE certification is to allow the standard consumer to easily know who is the best of the best

National Tests

While there are some states that offer a state certification for mechanics, ASE certification are at a national level. In most cases, these standards are even stricter than the states that do offer certifications. With these stringent rules, you know that an ASE-Certified mechanic has been tested at and are held to the highest possible standard. In fact, the national test actually includes a state portion for each mechanic’s local area.

ASE Is a Voluntary Program

It is not necessary for a mechanic to acquire an ASE certification in order to work in the United States. Instead, mechanics who have the passion and desire to continue their automotive education can choose to study and sit for the examination. That means that when you choose an ASE certified mechanic, you are choosing a mechanic who has chosen to dedicate their time and attention to staying up to date with all the latest automotive repair ingenuity.

At Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, we are proud of the fact that our team is made up of ASE-Certified mechanics who are here to serve you. When it comes to auto maintenance and repair services we are the mechanic Johnstown driver trust most. Our full-service auto repair shop is here to serve you. Call us today to schedule your next auto service or repair appointment.

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