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The brakes in your vehicle are absolutely essential to your safety as well as to the safety of your passengers and other drivers who are sharing the road with you. If your brakes are not working the way they should, it’s imperative that you bring your vehicle in for a thorough brake inspection. Some of the most common signs of a brake issue include loud squealing noises, a pulling sensation, or the feeling of “spongy” brakes whenever you press down on the brake pedal. These red flags mean you should bring it to Stringer Auto Repair for Johnstown brake repair as soon as you can, where our mechanics are fully trained in repairing both front and rear brake systems as well as all corresponding components.

When you press down or “hit the brakes,” it causes the cylinders to supply brake fluid to the calipers, powering the brake pads. The pressure from the brake pads is applied to the rotors, creating just the right amount of friction to bring your car to a complete, safe stop. There’s an intricate system working hard behind the scenes in order for all of this to happen. A comprehensive brake inspection can diagnose any potential problems, assuring that they get corrected before the brakes completely fail.

Brake Repair Near Me

If any part of your car’s braking system is not working, we can easily repair or replace parts and provide helpful service to get them back on track. Your brakes consist of a large number of parts including the pads (or shoes), calipers, rotors, wheel cylinders, springs, hoses, and fluids. It may be something as simple as low brake fluid, which is an easy and inexpensive fix. If your pads or shoes are worn, our expert mechanics can replace those for better, tighter braking. It’s recommended that you bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection once per year for early detection of any possible issue.

Your owner’s manual should list your recommended brake inspection intervals. As a driver, you may notice that the brakes are not performing the way they should. This is a sign that you should take your vehicle in for a brake inspection as soon as you are able. Get to know the signs of brake wear so you can be prepared and bring your car in sooner rather than later. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your safety. Get your brakes inspected and repaired as needed at the first sign of a possible problem so you can stay safe on the road.

Your car’s braking system is important, so bring it to Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown OH, or give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


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