Do You Need New Tires? Learn How to Spot the Signs

Tires are one of the unsung heroes of how your car performs every day. While you might associate your brakes with stopping quickly at a sudden obstacle, your tires work just as hard to get great traction and prevent a collision. What are some of the signs that you need new tires for your vehicle as soon as possible?

The Signs That You Need Replacement Tires

  1. Check the Wear Bears: All United States tires are outfitted with tread wear bars. What are these? The small raised bars made of rubber that sit in the grooves of your tires. Take a close look at the tread pattern on your tire and you will see these wear bars. Over time as your tire naturally wears, the bars will slowly become flush with the tread. Whenever this occurs at any point on the surface of your tire, you should replace it. 
  2. The Penny Test: Grab a penny and put it in the tread of your tire, Lincoln’s head down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head (or even the majority of it), it’s time to think about replacing your tire. If the tread reaches his forehead, you still have time left. Check all four of your tires, as they might wear differently. 
  3. Age: Regardless of the wear on your treads, at some point rubber will degrade to a point that the tires will become brittle and not ideal for driving. In general, most vehicle manufacturers suggest replacing your tire every 6 years. Depending on how much you drive, it could be more practical to pay attention to mileage instead of age. 
  4. Cracks on the Sidewall: Tire damage also frequently appears on the sidewall. Look at the side of your tires and check for cuts, tracks or cracks. These grooves indicate that the tires have aged a great deal, and they will be more likely to leak. Plan on replacing your tires as soon as possible before you have a flat tire. 

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