Fall Vehicle Maintenance to Get You Ready for Winter

Now that the weather is starting to cool and the leaves are changing color, it is time to start thinking about scheduling your fall vehicle maintenance appointment. Between prepping for winter weather and upcoming holiday travel, you need your car in tip-top shape. The experts at Stringer Auto Repair want to help you get your car holiday and winter-ready today by recommending these maintenance procedures.

Have Your Battery Checked

Drops in temperature can affect the ability of your car’s battery to deliver the power your vehicle needs. Even if you haven’t been having battery issues recently, if your battery is starting to fail, winter can speed it up. A quick test on your battery will reveal any issues so you can replace it before you find yourself stranded with a dead battery.

Coolant Check

Coolant is what keeps your engine from overheating. If you have travel plans over the next few months it is important that your coolant is being efficiently run throughout the engine. During your fall maintenance appointment, your mechanic will inspect your cooling system for leaks or issues.

Tire Inspection

With everything that you have riding on your tires, they need to be in the best possible condition. Before the winter weather sets in, get your tires inspected and continue to keep an eye on them throughout the season. Make sure that you have healthy tread depth and wear, proper tire pressure, and that there aren’t any apparent links or flaws.

Brake Inspection

Your car’s braking system is the most important factor in its overall safety. Brake pads naturally wear out over time and riding on worn brake pads puts the rest of the system at risk. Regular brake inspections will let you know the thickness of your pads and if they need to be replaced. A brake inspection will also reveal if you have the appropriate level of braking fluid and the overall integrity of the system.

Diagnostic Check

Whether or not your check engine light is on, it is diagnostic checks are a big part of vehicle maintenance. A diagnostic test uses advanced technology to pinpoint the location of issues your car is having so you can fix minor issues before they turn in major problems.

The team of expert mechanics at Stringer Auto Repair, LLC wants to get you and your care ready for fall and winter. Call us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.


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