Fuel System Clogs Create Engine Performance Problems

The reason why it is recommended that you have your fuel system cleaned every 30,000 miles is that a clog in the fuel system can cause engine performance problems. We are going to discuss these problems below, as they are signs that your fuel system has a clog. The fuel system can get clogged in the fuel filter, the fuel injectors, the hoses, or the fuel pump.

Difficult Starts

If there is a clog in the fuel system, it will be difficult to start your automobile because the fuel will get stuck behind the clog. You may not have enough fuel in each cylinder to generate combustion, which is required to start your automobile and keep it running. If it has become a problem getting your car, truck, or utility vehicle started, head to our shop so we can inspect the fuel system.

Engine Misfiring

You may notice that your engine is misfiring while you are driving to our shop. This, too, is a sign that there is not enough fuel in the combustion chamber for the engine to run smoothly. There is air and fuel in each cylinder that the spark plugs ignite. The cylinders fire in a specific order. If there isn’t enough fuel in one or more of the cylinders, the engine will misfire because this cylinder will not fire.

Rough Idling

This is also going to cause idling problems with your automobile. Specifically, the idle will be rough and it may feel as if your engine is going to stall. In some cases, your engine may do just that. It is hard for the engine to keep running if there is not enough fuel to generate combustion in the cylinder block. Consequently, you may have problems with your engine stalling intermittently.

Fuel Pump Problems

Finally, a clogged fuel system can create problems with the fuel pump. The fuel pump has to work harder than it normally would to get the fuel into the combustion chamber. The thing that is giving the fuel pump resistance is the clog. Unfortunately, the fuel pump motor may start towline in the fuel tank because it is struggling to operate. Basically, it is overworking.

This can cause the motor to burn out prematurely. Consequently, you will be left with a fuel pump that is not operating. As such, you will have no fuel heading to the engine. Call our shop today if your fuel system is overdue for service.

Photo by amnat jomjun from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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