How Can You Tell You’ve Got Transmission Problems?

Whether you drive an automatic transmission or a manual one, you need to ensure that it is always healthy. Transmission problems are often so few and far between that most people forget about their transmissions until they start acting up. Stringer Auto Repair lists the following signs that your transmission is going bad because the sooner you have it looked at the better.

You’re Smelling Hot Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid smells a little sweet if you take a whiff right from the bottle – don’t do that – but if you’ve got transmission problems, you might start smelling hot transmission fluid, which can smell like burnt sugar. An overheating transmission is definitely a problem.

You’re Hearing Some Odd Noises

Noises in general aren’t great to hear from your transmission, but put the car in neutral and listen carefully. If you’re hearing some weird humming noises still, this is also a sign of trouble. You might be experiencing wear and tear in your transmission that is bigger than it should be.

Transmission Leaks are a Big Sign of Trouble

Transmission fluid is red or reddish-brown, so it’s pretty easy to spot under the car. If you’re seeing it at all, though, you’ve got something to be concerned about. A few drops might not be severe just yet, but don’t risk it. If you have a lot of transmission fluid under your car, call for a tow to be safe.

Your Car Is Grinding or Vibrating When Driving

With bigger problems, you’re probably noticing a lot of vibrations and grinding sounds, usually together. This is most likely to occur when you’re pressing the accelerator and the car is changing gears if you’re in an automatic. In a manual transmission, you’ll hear and feel the same things when you change gears.

You Feel the Car Hesitating

When you press the gas, you expect the car to go, right? With transmission problems, you might press the gas and the car seems to think about it for a few seconds before lurching forward. This hesitation might be your indication that the transmission is having problems going into and shifting gears.

Manual Transmission Won’t Go into Gear

If you’re driving a car with a manual transmission, you might find that it’s more difficult, or even impossible, to get the car into gear. This could happen at any point in the shifting process, whether you’re moving or sitting still and trying to put the gearshift into first gear. 

Any time you’re concerned about your transmission it’s much better to have it looked at rather than putting it off. Contact us at Stringer Auto Repair, LLC. We are the best auto shop in Johnstown, OH, and we can take a look for you. No matter what’s wrong with your transmission, we can help you.

Photo by Industrial Photograph via Canva Pro

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