How Does Motor Oil Protect the Engine?

Motor oil is your engine’s lifeblood. Motor oil is essential for the engine to function properly. Engines can be irreparably damaged within 30 minutes. This is why motor oil is so important to an engine. It is possible to wonder what oil does to protect the engine. We will discuss three of these things below. It is important to remember that the engine needs clean, viscous oil to function properly. Motor oil that is not in good condition and has lost its viscosity may be dirty.


Oil that is not viscous and dirty will cause problems when it comes to lubricating the engine. Think about engine lubrication as metal parts grinding against one another. If there is not enough motor oil circulating through the engine, this is what will happen. Motor oil is essential to ensure that the engine’s parts do not rub against one another without protection. Motor oil reduces friction which can cause engine problems. Friction generates heat, so it also helps to prevent excess engine heat.

Reduces Heat

Clean and viscous oil can reduce heat while your engine is running. The engine should never exceed 220 degrees Fahrenheit. When coolant circulates through the cooling system, the coolant draws heat from the engine. Motor oil also does the same. The two fluids work together to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat. You may notice your engine running hotter than usual if you’re past due for an oil change. It’s important that you bring your vehicle to our shop right away so we can change the motor oil and filter.

Keeps it Clean

The oil also protects the engine by keeping it clean. The oil circulates throughout the engine and removes any dirt or sludge. This helps keep the engine running efficiently and clean. Regular oil changes can improve your fuel economy. Clean engines last longer than dirty ones, so make sure you change your oil frequently if you want to drive your vehicle for many years.

Call us today to learn more. We’ll schedule an appointment to service your motor oil so that it protects your engine. We can also take care of any other services that are overdue. In order to get the most life and efficiency out of your automobile, make sure to have all of the factory-scheduled services performed when they are due. We can do that here at our shop. We are the best auto service shop in town.

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