Is My Fuel Pump Going Out?

You’re driving along the highway and your engine sputters. It’s been doing that lately. It runs fine when you drive at slower speeds, but it sputters when you pick up the pace. Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, explains this is one sign your fuel pump is going out. Here are other signs to look for, as well.

Odd Engine Behavior

The reason your vehicle sputters at high speeds is that it isn’t getting enough gasoline to fuel the higher speed demand you’ve placed on it. Your fuel pump is responsible for sending gas from the tank to the engine based on the speed at which you wish to drive. If the pump is failing, your engine will sputter because it’s not getting enough gas, surge because it’s getting shots of too much gas, or lose power because it isn’t getting enough gas. If your fuel pump is dead, your engine won’t start at all.

Temperature Changes

Your vehicle will overheat if there is something wrong with the radiator or fuel pump. If your car, truck, or SUV overheats and you lose coolant via the reservoir tank and/or the radiator itself, chances are the trouble is in the automobile’s radiator system. If your vehicle’s temperature rises and then your engine stalls, this could be the fuel pump. If your engine is not getting the fuel it needs to operate efficiently, it will work too hard and overheat as a result of its overexertion. Once too hot, it’ll stall.

Low Fuel Pressure

The fuel pump uses pressure to force the gas into the engine and if that pressure is low, the pump is not working as it should be. You may prefer to have an automotive service technician get your fuel pressure reading, as this is a two-person job. One person sits in the driver’s seat and uses the accelerator to rev the engine while the vehicle is in park; the other person reads the fuel pressure gauge to see if the pump’s pressure is low. This helps isolate issues with your fuel pump.

Noticeable Gas Mileage Decrease

Finally, if your fuel pump is going out you might notice it in your pocketbook. Are you going to the gas station more often than normal? Has your vehicle suddenly turned into a gas guzzler? Again, if the engine isn’t getting enough fuel pumped into it, it’ll work harder to do what you ask it to do. The harder it must work to maintain a freeway speed, for example, the more gasoline it will use. Those who check their gas mileage at each fill-up might notice a dip if their fuel pump is going bad.

Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, in Johnstown, OH, would be happy to inspect your fuel pump if you suspect there’s a problem. Call us today to set up an appointment.


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