Learn the Signs of Suspension Problems in Your Automobile

Knowing the signs of suspension problems helps you avoid additional suspension damage. Stringer Auto Repair is going to list the indications that your vehicle’s suspension needs to be repaired below. The sooner you have the suspension inspected and serviced the better. The more you drive your vehicle on a bad suspension the greater the risk of damaging the suspension further.

Low-Sitting Corner

Look carefully at your automobile when it is parked on an even surface. If one corner of the automobile is sitting low, you have a broken suspension spring on that wheel. This broken spring will also make clunking noises every time you go over a road bump. It’s important to get the spring replaced as soon as possible to avoid wheel and tire damage.

Momentum Movement

Two suspension parts are responsible for preventing momentum movement. These parts are the struts and the shocks. If they have worn down, your vehicle will dive forward when you stop, lean backward when you accelerate, and lean to the side when you turn around corners. Normally, the struts and shocks prevent this momentum movement.

Oil on the Shocks

Reach up underneath your rear wheels and touch the shocks. If you feel oil on them, they are leaking. This is a sign that the shocks are too old and need to be replaced. The fluid inside the shocks is what helps them absorb the road bumps. Once the shocks wear out, they will begin to leak the oil that is found inside of them.

Problems Steering

Problems steering your automobile are also an indication that your suspension needs work. The reason why is that the steering system is part of your vehicle’s suspension. Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to go straight and less you steer it. The steering part of the suspension is what turns the wheels to change your direction.


Your steering isn’t what causes your vehicle to pull to the side, however. This problem is usually caused by wheels that are not aligned. Your wheels need to be aligned every two years or if you knock them out of alignment beforehand. You can do this by hitting a curb or flying through a pothole.

Uncomfortable Ride

Finally, if your vehicle’s ride is very uncomfortable and bumpy, your suspension needs to be serviced. Specifically, this is a sign that you need new struts and shocks.

Call Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, today if you are having problems with your suspension. We would be happy to inspect it and make any necessary repairs. 

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro

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