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When it comes to preventative maintenance, getting regular oil changes is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle and we are proud to offer the best oil change in Johnstown. The oil in your engine keeps everything lubricated and cool, and the oil filter helps to trap and filter out harmful dust, grime, and debris. As you drive your vehicle, the engine gets very hot and breaks the oil down. Over time, this oil won’t move through your engine as well as it should, which reduces the oil’s ability to lubricate all of the engine components. If you drive too long without a scheduled oil change, it can cause serious harm and potentially costly damage to your engine.

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Bring your vehicle to Stringer Auto Repair for a complete oil change service. We will change the filter and fill your car with new, clean oil per your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. After the oil change, your engine should run smoother and safer. While every car is different, they all need regular oil changes to run properly. Any oil that is too thick can cause a wide range of problems like poor gas mileage, reduced engine performance, and even engine damage. This is an essential part of preventative maintenance for any make and model of vehicle.

The process of an oil change is simple. Our fully certified and highly experienced mechanics will first drain the old oil out of your car and remove the old filter. Then, we’ll install a new, clean filter and new, clean oil. You should notice your car running more smoothly and you may even notice that you’re getting better gas mileage after an oil change. We will also give you a sticker for the window that will keep you informed as to when the next scheduled oil change should be. If you drive a lot, sit in heavy traffic, or travel frequently, you might need to have an oil change more often than other drivers.

Stringer Auto Repair understands the many types of oil that different vehicles require. Whether it’s all-synthetic, a synthetic blend, or conventional motor oil, we know exactly what type of oil works best for your vehicle. With the right lubricant and a high-quality filter, your engine should run much better after regularly scheduled oil changes. This important part of preventative maintenance will ensure that your car’s engine is protected and operating to its best potential.

Regular oil changes are important, so bring your vehicle to Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH or give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

$39.95Oil Change Special
(Full Synthetic)

Vehicles must be dropped off. For faster service, please call ahead for an appointment. Most cars/light trucks. Oil change includes up to 5qts. of motor oil and new oil filter. Some vehicles require special oil and/or filter, cost extra. Tax and disposal fee extra. Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only.


EXP 04-30-2024


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