What Should I Expect From My Auto Mechanic?

The number one thing you should expect from your auto mechanic is respect. Your auto mechanic should treat you like family. You should also expect honesty; you should be able to trust your auto mechanic. You rely on your vehicle every day and your auto mechanic should understand how important it is to you. Mechanics like Stringer Auto Repair, LLC work hard to keep vehicles safe and reliable on the road. You should expect this and much more.


When you come into the auto service shop for your scheduled appointment, the mechanic should be ready for you. He should listen carefully to your concerns and answer all of your questions. He should then provide a detailed estimate of what he believes needs repair, the parts he will use to repair the vehicle, and all associated costs including labor. If there is a need for a diagnostic check or vehicle inspection prior to the repair estimate, he should explain why this is necessary.

If necessary, the shop should provide complimentary rides so customers can head to work or home after they’ve dropped their vehicles off at the mechanic. If the vehicle is going to be in the shop for an extended period, the shop should offer loaner cars to its customers so they don’t lose their access to convenient transportation while they do not have their car, truck or SUV. A customer should leave the shop knowing exactly what will be done to their vehicle and how much it will cost.

During Service

The work listed on the estimate should be performed by certified technicians who have the experience needed to do the job right the first time. If the mechanic finds additional trouble while working on the vehicle, he should call the customer right away to discuss the finding and the additional costs to repair it. He should never perform work without the customer’s consent. A comfortable waiting room with refreshments and Wi-Fi should be provided for customers who choose to wait for their car.


Once the work is complete, the mechanic should go over the bill with the customer so he or she understands fully what he or she is paying for. The work should be guaranteed, as should the new parts, and the mechanic should provide advice where necessary to ensure the customer does not face the same trouble with his or her car again. In other words, the customer should leave feeling certain he or she can rely on the work the mechanic just performed and call for a recheck if there is an issue.

Stringer Auto Repair, LLC in Johnstown, OH, offers all of this and more. Call them for all your automotive service and repair needs.


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