Why Is My Steering Wheel So Difficult to Turn?

Your steering wheel may be difficult to turn because the power steering pump is going bad. Stringer Auto Repair advises that a faulty power steering pump can make it feel as if you are driving a vehicle equipped with manual steering. This is just one sign that the power steering pump needs to be replaced. We are going to list the other signs below so you know what to look for in your automobile. Don’t worry. If the power steering pump is going bad, we can replace it.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid

One sign that the power steering pump needs to be replaced is if it is leaking power steering fluid. If you have red spots on your garage floor, this could be power steering fluid because that’s its color. It’s important to have the pump replaced right away because low power steering fluid can make it difficult to turn the steering wheel and control your automobile.

Metal in the Steering Fluid

Another sign that your power steering pump is going bad is if there is metal in the power steering fluid. Unfortunately, this is an indication that the power steering pump is disintegrating into the fluid as it circulates it through the system. There is no way to repair a disintegrating power steering pump. Rather, we will need to replace it to ensure that the power steering fluid is no longer being contaminated by metal, and to ensure that you can steer your automobile easily.

Strange Steering Noises

The power steering pump may also make strange noises when you turn the steering wheel if it is malfunctioning. These noises include groaning, moaning, and whining. As an aside, the power steering pump is powered by your vehicle’s accessory belt and the engine’s vacuum pressure. If the accessory belt is too loose, you may hear squealing noises when you start your automobile and the power steering pump may malfunction. An engine vacuum leak can also make it malfunction.

Unresponsive Steering

Finally, the last sign of a faulty power steering pump is unresponsive steering. As you can imagine, this makes driving your automobile dangerous if you are unable to steer it in the direction in which you wish to go. If you are having problems steering your automobile, have your car, truck, or utility vehicle towed to our shop so we can inspect the steering system.

We are Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, and we’d be happy to replace your power steering pump if it needs it. Call us today for an appointment.


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