You’ll Need An Engine Replacement for Any of the Following Reasons

Most people will buy a new car rather than replace the engine, but for some, dropping a new engine in their automobile is the only option they will consider. Stringer Auto Repair, LLC works tirelessly to ensure none of our customers’ vehicles ever needs a new engine, but we can only do much. Time is not a car’s friend, and age-related problems or inadequate maintenance can damage an engine beyond repair. In this case, the engine will need to be rebuilt or replaced to get the automobile back out on the road.

Combustion Knocking

Your automobile has a combustion engine. This engine type uses air, fuel, and fire to operate. As you can imagine, the heat and pressure inside the engine’s combustion chamber is extremely high. This wears on crucial engine parts, including the exhaust manifold, cylinders, pistons, and valves. Excessive knocking could be caused by worn rod bearings that are knocking the pistons against the crankshaft.

Excessive Exhaust

Even though you can’t see it, your automobile releases exhaust while you drive. If you can see the exhaust, there’s a problem happening somewhere in the engine. Excessive exhaust is usually a sign of engine death and necessary engine replacement because the engine is burning coolant, gas, or oil. The engine should never burn these automotive fluids to point of visible white, black, or blue smoke. If it is, your engine’s shot.

Motor Oil Failure

If you see blue exhaust smoke, your engine is burning all of the motor oil inside it and you’ll soon be stranded on the side of the road. Motor oil failure, or no motor oil at all, can kill an engine quickly; so quickly, your engine might die within minutes or hours. If the oil is not lubricating the engine parts, or there are metal shavings or other debris in the oil, the engine parts will breakdown and fail.

Severe Overheating Damage

Overheating is another quick killer of an automobile’s engine. Severe overheating all the time signals an issue with your cooling system, which can be fixed, or a blown head gasket, exhaust manifold, or cracked engine block. It’s the latter three that are causes of engine deaths. If the engine block is cracked, for example, you’ll need a new engine. There’s, unfortunately, no way around it.

Let Stringer Auto Repair, LLC inspect your vehicle’s engine if you’re having car trouble. Our shop is located in Johnstown, OH, and we can find out the cause of your engine problems and recommend the appropriate course of action, whether that is repair or replacement.

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