Five Signs I Need to Get My Vehicle Aligned

Driving a misaligned vehicle will damage the tires and wheels. You don’t need to get the wheels aligned often; usually, every two years will suffice. You can knock your wheels out of alignment, however, and you’ll know when you’ve done so. Your vehicle will exhibit one or more of the following five signs that the wheels aren’t aligned. If they aren’t, bring your automobile into Stringer Auto Repair.

1. Tread Wear

When the wheels aren’t aligned, your tires often don’t meet the road evenly. The consequence of this is that you’ll end up with uneven tire tread wear. Uneven tire tread wear reduces the mileage you’ll get out of your tires. The uneven wear can also compromise the tires’ integrity, increasing your chances and the dangers of blowouts while you’re driving.

2. Pulling

Wheels that are not aligned will cause your vehicle to drift slightly or pull sharply to one side while you’re driving straight. The intensity of the pulling depends on how badly the wheels are misaligned. Pulling can also be caused by underinflated tires or suspension trouble, but the misaligned wheels are dragging the vehicle off-center in most cases.

3. Squealing Noises

Oftentimes, because the tires are not meeting the road properly, misaligned wheels will make some of the tires squeal when you turn. The squealing sound results from the uneven weight between the wheels that makes some of the wheels heavier on the road than the others. As you make a turn, the heavier wheels will make the tire rubber squeal.

4. Steering Wheel Vibrations

If your steering wheel is vibrating, especially at higher speeds, your wheels might not only be misaligned; they are definitely not balanced. The vibration in the steering wheel is your wheels pulling in the opposite direction. They shouldn’t do that. Aligned wheels do not pull away from each other but rather work in tandem to keep your vehicle straight.

5. Crooked Manufacturer Logo

Have you ever wondered why your vehicle’s manufacturer put a logo in the center of the steering wheel? You know you’re driving a Chevy or Nissan. The logo isn’t there to remind you of your vehicle loyalty; it’s there to tell auto technicians that your wheels aren’t aligned. Misaligned wheels make the steering wheel, and thereby the center logo, crooked.

Set up an appointment with Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, if you suspect your wheels aren’t aligned. We will realign them if they need it.


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