Do My Wheels Really Need To Be Balanced? Yes. Here’s Why!

Many people make the mistake of ignoring the necessity of a wheel balance. They don’t think about it until the wheels are out of balance and their car, truck, or SUV vibrates and makes annoying road noise. It’s important to have your wheels rotated and balanced every 6,000 miles. Here are some things about wheel balancing you might not have know per Stringer Auto Repair, LLC.

Your Wheels Need Regular Balancing

Wheel balancing isn’t optional; it’s necessary. Once new tires are put on your vehicle, they need to be balanced to your car, truck, or SUV’s wheels. Your wheels are an assembly with many parts. Tire manufacturers balance tires during the production process, but the balancing must be fine-tuned once the tires are placed on the wheels. As such, wheel assembly balancing isn’t optional.

Tire Wear Affects Wheel Balance

Even though the wheels are balanced after your new tires are put on they don’t stay balanced forever. The wheel balance is thrown off as your tire tread wears down. Tire pressure can also affect wheel balance, which is why we recommend you check your tire pressure frequently. Having the wheels balanced regularly ensures they remain balanced throughout the little changes in your tires.

Balancing Helps Extend Your Tire-Life

As with tire rotation, wheel balancing also helps extend the life of your tires by ensuring the tire tread wears down evenly. Even tread wear prevents blowouts and other tire issues and unbalanced wheels cause uneven tread wear. Balanced wheels remain flush on the road without bouncing or vibration. Unbalanced wheels can skip on the road, creating vibration and uneven tire tread wear.

Balanced Tires Reveal Other Issues

If you’re faithful about keeping your wheels balanced yet still feel pulling and road vibration, you might have something else going on with your vehicle’s suspension. For example, if you feel every bump on the road yet you have brand new, balanced tires, your shocks and struts may be worn. If your vehicle is difficult to control, it could be the wheel alignment or an issue with your steering system.

Stringer Auto Repair, LLC, in Johnstown, OH, offers our customer wheel balancing and alignment services. We’d be happy to check your tires and wheels and rotate, balance, and align them if necessary. You can set up an appointment by calling us today. We are a full-service automotive repair and preventative maintenance shop, so call us today for your automotive needs.


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