Let’s Talk About the Starter Motor’s Lifespan

A starter motor’s lifespan varies between automobiles, but you can expect to get about 100,000 miles out of the factory starter. Stringer Auto Repair advises that your starter may start to go bad once the odometer has reached this coveted mileage milestone. There is one thing that can cause your starter to die prematurely and that is leaking motor oil from the cylinder block or engine gasket. If you notice any of the following signs of a bad starter, head straight to our shop so we can replace it right away.

Clicking Before Ignition

There are times when the starter will give you an indication that it is malfunctioning. This usually happens before the engine ignites. The most common sound a faulty starter will make is a clicking noise. A dying starter can also make a whirring sound. If you hear either of these noises before your car, truck, or utility vehicle ignites, it’s best to have the starter motor tested immediately to avoid getting stranded with a dead engine. Just because you got your engine started this time does not mean it will start the next time.

Completely Dead Engine

In fact, you may not receive any warning before your engine dies completely. You may be stranded with a dead engine that will not fire up if the starter motor has malfunctioned and there is no air or fuel in the combustion chamber. The starter helps to facilitate the movement of air and fuel into the chamber so the vehicle can start and run. A completely dead engine is a sign that your starter motor has died.

Lights That Are Working

You can confirm this by checking your vehicle’s lights. If you have a dead engine and lights that are not working, the problem is more likely the battery or alternator than it is the starter. If the lights will not turn on, they are not receiving the power they need from the battery or alternator. If they do turn on, however, they are getting the power they need and the reason why your car will not start is a dead starter.

Smoke and Burning Odors

Don’t try, try again if you cannot get the engine started. If the starter motor is no longer working, no amount of effort is going to fire up your engine. Rather, you will simply overheat the starter motor and cause smoke and burning odors to come from the engine.

Stop by Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, today if your vehicle is doing any of the things listed above.

Photo by ScofieldZa from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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