The Time for an Air Conditioner Check Is Now

Now is the perfect time to bring your car, truck, or utility vehicle to Stringer Auto Repair for an air conditioner check. We will get the AC ready for its summer job of keeping you cool and comfortable in your automobile. We are going to list some of the things we do when we inspect an air conditioning system below. You can rest assured we will make sure everything is in tiptop shape in your air conditioning system.


When the AC is off all winter, the compressor figuratively shuts down. The compressor works better when it is used all the time. Consequently, its winter break can cause it to malfunction when you turn on your car’s air conditioner for the first time in the season. We will inspect and test the compressor to make sure that it is working perfectly. You don’t want it malfunctioning under the hood.


We also take the time to inspect the condenser because it can be damaged by road debris. The condenser is located behind the grille. Consequently, it gets hit with whatever fits through the slats. We will make sure that the condenser is in perfect condition and not clogged or damaged. If the condenser is damaged, we will replace it with a new one.

Condenser Fan

We will also check the condenser fan to make sure that it has not been struck by road debris. As with the condenser, if it has been damaged, we will replace it. The condenser uses this fan to help it keep the refrigerant in the air conditioning system cool. The refrigerant needs to remain in a cold state in order for the air conditioner to blow cold air through the vents.

Electrical System

Another thing we will inspect is your vehicle’s electrical system. Will make sure that everything routing through the air conditioning system is in excellent condition. This includes the wires, relays, switches, and even the AC fuses in the fuse box.


Finally, inspecting the refrigerant to make sure there is plenty of it in the system is also a part of our AC check. You cannot have cold air blowing through the vents without enough refrigerant. We will make sure that yours does not need to be topped off. If it does, we will add refrigerant to the air conditioning system.

Stringer Auto Repair in Johnstown, OH, is here to help, so call us today to schedule an air conditioner inspection.

Photo by nikom1234 from getty images via Canva Pro

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